Digital Signage

Maximise the potential of high definition displays and get ahead of your competition in the UAE. Partner with one of the leading digital signage companies in Dubai today - OTES LED Display.

Digital signage solutions for every business need

OTES LED Display is an international supplier of digital signages specialising in the design, development, and manufacture of high-tech displays for both indoor and outdoor use. What we have to offer is a range of high end digital displays that can be customised to meet the requirements of any business today – from single screens programmed to display automated content to large-format video walls for retail outlets and stores.

We can deliver a comprehensive package that provides the visual impact and engagement your business needs to grow and succeed in the competitive market of Dubai and UAE. Our product range in the UAE includes the full spectrum of the latest display technologies available today, including the following options:

• Indoor screens
• Outdoor screens
• Digital kiosks
• Interactive wayfinding kiosks
• Full-fledged video walls
• Digital restaurant menu displays
• Digital media players

We give our clients in Dubai the flexibility to customise their own package to fit their business requirements. From generating brand awareness and supporting product activation events to enabling a smoother customer experience and attracting higher footfall, our solutions can take your business to newer heights.

In addition, we offer a free 1 year warranty and life time maintenance alongside all our products, so our customers can enjoy peace of mind always.

Partner with one of the leading digital signage companies in Dubai and UAE

Discover how intelligent digital displays can take your business even further. Work with one of the leading suppliers in the UAE - OTES LED Display.
To enquire about us, our products, and our packages, feel free to talk to one of our consultants today. Call us at 042273066 or send us an email at [email protected].